Tuesday, 17 September 2013

You Think You sabi Book? Meet The Man With 29 University Degrees

His Name na Mike Nicholson he has 29 different university degrees. Mike na 71 years old and he don spend more than 50years reading and getting university degrees.

Mike get one Bachelor degree, 2 Associates degrees, 22 Masters Degrees, 4 Specialist degree and one Doctorate degree. And his degree na through going to class oo non of them come from honourary award. 9 of his masters degree is from Michigan state university.  Mike talk sey him no dey take online degree and his wife don seriously helped him with his education his wife too get 7 degrees.

Mike still dey pursue him  30th degree and talk sey him go stop when he get the 34 degree.
Mama pidgin want somebody from Naija to compete with this man... we sabi book for Naija nw.

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