Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Problem No Be Drug Na Spiritual Majeck Fashek Open Up

In a recent Interview wey Majeck Fashek granted for the lunch of his new album tittle Gangsta Rasta, Majeck talk sey him problem no be drug addiction oo sey na spiritual, but God don dey help am deal with am. He talk sey him break some mystical oaths but God his now helping him.
A lot of people believe that your present condition is not unconnected with drug addiction?
I don't use drugs. I only have spiritual problem and God is helping me to solve it. Jesus is good.
I don't know how the spiritual problem began; all I know is that Jesus is helping me to deal with it.
You met mystics abroad and could this have been the problem?
Yes, I met many mystic men in US. I met Indian mystics, Chinese mystics, American mystics,  Japanese mystics. I met a lot of mystics there. You know in the mystical world, you have to keep the rules. When you make a vow, you have to keep the vow. You don't break a vow. And that is what affected me really. I
broke some vows.
But there has to be a solution?
That is why I am telling you, I am not dead. Jesus Christ is helping me. What solution do you want me to bring? Jesus Christ has helped
me to break the vow.
What is your state financially?
Nigerian artistes are suffering. All the artistes you see, it's all about hype because they don't get royalties. I get royalties every month from my radio play in America. The amount varies and builds up every month, that's why I survive. But Nigerian musicians don't get royalties.

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