Monday, 9 September 2013

Bianca Ojukwu Talk Sey She No Dey Satisfied with Femi Fani Kayode Statement... She talk sey she has never be hin girlfriend before

The buhaha between Femi Fani Kayode Continue as Bianca talk sey the statement wey Femi Fani Kayode make sey his sorry for saying him Don totori Bianca before, Bianca talk sey she no dey satisfy with the wey Femi take make the statement, she sey Femi talk am as if both of  Dem don have relationship before Bianca sey she has never met Femi before, sey Femi want just spoil her name... She com talk sey she Don leave the matter for him lawyer to do what is necessary.

Mama Pidgin question now be sey which Bianca Femi totori Abi dem be twins?

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