Monday, 16 September 2013

Nigeria Woman Don Give Birth for Inside Plane Wey Dey Travel Go London

One Naija Woman don born for inside Arik plane wey dey travel go London. The plane com stop halfway  for road sori for air to attend to the mama wey just born. Na emmergency landing the plane do for palma airport in Spain. Report sey na for air the woman dey labour na him come make the cabin crew to announce for help for any doctor wey dey among the passengers. Two doctor take delivery for the woman but dem advice the pilot to stop for the woman to receive treatment Cos she too dey bleed after delivery. Report sey the new mama and her new pikin dey for perfect condition and dem both dey for Spain as the plane take other passenger to london. In the maentime Arik air don talk sey if dem discover sey the woman present fake medical report about are pregnancy dem go Sue d doctor wey sign for the woman.

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