Saturday, 7 September 2013

No Be small Thingoo A Brazillian Man won Marry His Lover of Two Years, And the Lover Na Goat

This One No Be Joke oo Na true talk, A brazillian Papa Aparecido Castaldo, don talk sey hin go marry him pet goat Carmelita, he talk sey hin don fall hin love with the Goat for more than two years now and him want end his years of loneliness.
 The happy couple go walk, or trot, down the aisle on October 13 in Igreja do Diabo jundai Brazil.

Aprecido wey get 8 children $ men and 4 wowen from four different marriages, talk sey the advantage of marrying a goat over human dey plenti, he said a goat no dey talk and hin no go ask for money to go for shopping.

Camelita chop the first wedding dress wey they buy for am but Aprecido talk sey another one dey come on the way. Aprecido talk sey people dey insult am sey hin do something weird but hin dey reply dem sey Carmelita no dey talk, hin no dey ask for money and hin no go get pregnant. Aprecido talk sey hin no go have sex with hin  goat wife oo

wetin we go call dis na craziness or stinginess

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