Wednesday, 11 September 2013

You Don see Fake Virgin Ladies Before?

There is noting person no go hear for this world oo . News Don reach Mama pidgin sey some ladies dey wear Artificial Haymen just to stay as virgins. The artificial haymen which is manufactured by a sex toy company Gidimo is wear by woman 15minute before sex. Mama pidgin reporter discover sey for the website of the company na $30 about 5000 naira the company dey sell am, but for Naija those wey import am dey sell am between 9-15k and he dey very common among young ladies for night clubs for Abuja and Lagos. The Artificial Hymen wey get special liquid inside wey be like blood ( see) Picture.E go break during sex and release its content. After each use the person can wash it and keep for another use...
Guy watch out for fake virgins ooo

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