Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person For Today Na Joke Silver

Joke Silver na the first female to become Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person. Joke Silver Na ogbonge Nollywood Actress wey dey very popular for Naija and don dey act before most of the popular actress wey everybody know for Nollywood started acting. As usualfor Mama {idgin I no go write plenty tori about Joke Silver I go just write some informations wey you no know about joke silver. sit down and make una enjoy...

1. Na  29th 0f September 1961 Papa and Mama of Joke Silver Born am in lagos she dey celebrate her (52 birthday today)

2. Ajoke attended Holy trinity college for secondary school and University of Lagos where she studied English she also attended Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London where she study dramatic art.

3.Joke silva na the undisputed queen of Nollywood oo she started her acting career in England she started her acting career in Nigeria in 1980s.

4. The first film wey put her to limelight in Naija na 'Mind Blending' a T.V. opera in 1990 another film wey also introduce her to naija acting na one yoruba film titled Owurolojo in 1993.

5. She don act for more than 30 films and don win several awards, She also get a school LUFODO ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS  where she dey train people wey won go into movies

6. She is married to another Nollywood actor Olu Jacob and they have 2 children together.

7. some of the movies wey she don act include;
Tango with Me (2012) [Actress .... Lola's Mum]
Phone Swap (2012) [Actress .... Akin's Mum]
1.Bent Arrows (2010) [Actress]
2.5 Apostles (2009) (V) [Actress]
3.5 Apostles 2 (2009) (V) [Actress]
4.5 Apostles 3 (2009) (V) [Actress]
5.Ile oko (2009) (V) [Actress]
6.Sister's Love (2008) (V) [Actress]
7.Sister's Love 2 (2008) (V) [Actress]
8.Sister's Love 3 (2008) (V) [Actress]
9.Sister's Love 4 (2008) (V) [Actress]
10.White Waters (2007) [Actress]
11/Eewo orisa (2007) (V) [Actress]
12.Eewo orisa 2 (2007) (V) [Actress]
13.Letters to a Stranger (2007) (V) [Actress]
14.Strong Men at Work (2007) (V) [Actress .... Oriaku] ... aka "Strongmen at Work" - Nigeria (English title) (video CD title)
15.Strong Men at Work 2 (2007) (V) [Actress .... Oriaku] ... aka "Strongmen at Work 2" - Nigeria (English title) (video CD title)
16.To Love and to Hold (2007) (V) [Actress]
17.To Love and to Hold 2 (2007) (V) [Actress]
18.The Amazing Grace (2006) [Actress .... Maria Davies]
19.30 Days (2006/II) [Actress .... Dupe Ajayi]
20.Brave Heart (2005) (V) [Actress .... Helen]
21.Brave Heart 2 (2005) (V) [Actress .... Helen]
22.Opin irin ajo (2005) (V) [Actress]
23.Opin irin ajo 2 (2005) (V) [Actress]
24.Women's Cot (2005) (V) [Actress] ... aka "Widow's Cot" - Nigeria (English title)
25.Women's Cot 2 (2005) (V) [Actress]
26.Women's Cot 3 (2005) (V) [Actress]
27.Last Wedding (2004) (V) [Actress .... Mrs. Daniel]
28.Last Wedding 2 (2004) (V) [Actress]
29.The Kingmaker (2003) (V) [Actress]
30.Keeping Faith: Is That Love? (2002) (V) [Actress]
31.The Secret Laughter of Women (1999) [Actress .... Nene]
32.Twins of the Rain Forest (1999) [Actress]
33.Silent Night (1996) (V) [Actress]
34.Silent Night 2 (1996) (V) [Actress]
35.Violated 2 (1996) (V) [Actress]
36.Violated (1995) (V) [Actress]

8. Some of the Award wey she don win Include;
1. AAMA award 2006
2. AAMA award 2008
3.Best actress 2006


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