Sunday, 15 September 2013

No Be Small Thingoo Female Police Officer Molested And striped Naked For Onitsha

stripped naked

No be small thing at all at all as one female police officer, Inspector Tochukwu Offoegbu, was abused, molested and almost stripped naked by a dreaded wealthy man, who  slapped the Commissioner of Police last year.
The Man wey dem talk sey he get a big motor park for Onitsha dey above the law oo. The big man  tell the woman sey him go commot her from onitsha as he take commot one Archibong. As the
Woman wan ask the man wetin be her offense, the man com deliver a heavy slap for the woman face,  his group of boys wey be tout  surround the woman and start to dey deliver beating for the police woman, During the course of beating the woman dey tear her uniform and begin to dey strip her naked. The police woman managed to escape from the tugs and ran to the police base within the park for cover.

One of the tug talk sey that man cannot be arrested because last time he slapped the Commissioner of police because of park matters and so the governor closed the park and now, it is an Inspector.

When contacted, the DPO Fegge, where Offoegbu dey  works , Muikdi Shehu, said he no go speak on the matter, insisting that the PPRO na the only person authorized to speak.

The PPRO, Emeka Chukwuemeka, when contacted on phone talk sey he was with the Onitsha Area Commander and would get back to this reporter on the issue.

CP Balah Nassarawa was said to be out of the state as at the time matter take happen.

Reacting, another eyewitness and Campaign for Democracy Coordinator, Dede Uzor A Uzor, demanded for the immediate arrest of the accused and thorough investigation into the matter with a view to punishing the offender to deter future occurrence.

 He talk sey, Campaign for Democracy gave the Commissioner of Police seven days to arrest the man or face human rights groups protest and call for his removal as that was the height of abuse of an officer on duty, particularly a woman.

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