Monday, 9 September 2013

Femi Fani Kayode Still Insist Sey Him Don Totori Bianca Before Sey Biaca Ojukwu Dey Tell Lie

Fani Kayode Don Com out Raw and dry oo . This time around na vexing tone hin use, he talk sey he don have longstanding relationship with Bianca Ojukwu before she married General Ojukwu. He said he no know why Bianca Dey tell lie sey both of them never met before. He join talk sey he dey ready gidigba for anything wey Bianca lawyer won do that him own lawyer also dey ready for them. He said hin want resolve the matter peacefully before but Bianca No want peace but him dey ready for am. Yanga sleep Trouble Go wake Am Nawaoo for the two of them, two people wey get money and no know wetin to use money do dey wan carry money to dey go do case for court, when alot of people dey for naija wey dey suffer

See wetin Fani Kayode Talk Below

This is sad and unfortunate and it is beyond the imagination of anyone that a serving Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would so readily and so easily be given to telling such lies.
It is also clear that she has constituted herself into the arrowhead of a group of people that are determined to use her and this whole unsavoury episode to attempt to distract attention from the wider and more important issues raised in the essay and to discredit him.

“Since that is the case we welcome whatever action Ojukwu wishes to take in court and we shall gladly meet her there.

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