Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person for today Na Chinua Achebe

Pa Chinua Achebe na very popular person no be for only Naija dey no Chinua Achebe oo, him popular for Africa and the world at large. Chinua Achebe Na writer, critics, professor and many award winner. As usual for Mama Pidgin no go write plenti tori about chinua achebe i go let my reader know some few things wey dem no know about Achebe.
1. Na for November 16 1930 him papa and mama born am for Ogidi Anambra state

2.Chinua achebe Na very Brilliant person when hin dey young, na him make hin win scholarship to study for university

3. Achebe start to dey write novel from when hin dey for university.

4.Achebe na him be the writer of the very popular and multi-award winning novel called Things fall Apart wey hin write in 1950

5. Na Achebe also write Novels like Arrow of God, No Longer at ease, A man of the People Ant Hills of the Savannah etc.

6. I wrote earlier Sey Achebe Na very Brilliant Student and he demonstrated right from primary school and when hin get to secondary school for first year Achebe get double promotion. Achebe like to dey read to the extent Sey the principal of the school com stop him from reading by banning pupils from reading for certain hours of the day in the school.

7. In 1948 when Naija Esterblished University college ( Univeristy of Ibadan) Achebe write the entrance exam and score a very high mark which the school com take give am scholarship to study medicine but after one year Achebe change hin course to Eglish, History and theology.

8.On 10 september 1960 Chinua Achebe Married His Wife and mother of his two children Christie Okoli

9. In 1990 Achebe had An acccident wey paralyses him two legs

 9.In 2004, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo offered him the prestigious honour of Commander of the Federal Republic.’ Achebe turned down the honor. Achebe Talk sey Hin dey disappointed in obasanjo Government, that Nigeria don Dey worst during his governmentso him no want any award.

10. In 2011, Current Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan also offered him a similar National honor. Achebe turned it down again, explaining that “the reasons for rejecting the offer when it was first made have not been addressed let alone solved.”

11. In september 2011 Achebe Turned down  1 million Dollars Offered By Curtis Jackson (50cent ) to Use the title of his novel things fall apart for his upcoming movie

12. Meanwhile 10million copies of things fall apart has been sold world wide

14. On 21 march 2013 News broke sey Achebe don die for hospital in Boston at the age of 82 after prolong Illness

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