Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chai I Gbadun this article By Femi Aribisala How To Become Overnight Beloniare For Naija

This article just dey make me cracking by Femi Aribisala. Femi Aribisala Na the  fellowship coordinator of Healing Wings.  I want all my mama pidgin reader see wetin Femi Aribisala write about how to become an overnight billionaire for Naija

1. Rob a bank: he said the robbing a bank no be sey you go carry gun go steal for the bankoo he talk sey wetin you go do is just to borrow plenti money from the bank and don't pay it back. like some of naija billionaire did.

2. Join the PDP: he sey na in be the surest way

3.Start a mega Church : This one na another surest way

4.Be A Mule: if you fit be a mule for a politician by helping him to hide the money wey hin steal from government by stashing the money for oversea accout if you fit do that you too go get some cut from the money

5. Obituary: never die as a mule

I also get one wey i won add join number 6 na from mama pidgin

6. Become a well known Niger-delta militant: everybody no sey this is the surest way cos you go they win contact any how from government

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