Sunday, 15 September 2013

This one Na real End time Things, A man Has Been jailed After admitting He Had Sex With A Goat

A 23 year Old man Robert New don Recieve 6 weeks jail sentence for having sex with a goat the young man who assualted the animal in a barn in Devizes, Wiltshire Initially talk sey na lie but later changed his plea.
Newman wey dey live for Pottern Road, Devizes was sentenced by North Witshire Magistrate court.

At the time of the assault Newman was the subject of an eight week suspended sentence for a burglary in August last year. Gail Chilcott, chair of the bench, activated the suspended sentence, which will run concurrently. No be small thing oo
Anna Humphreys, prosecuting, read a victim impact statement on behalf of the goat's owner - who was not named in court.
It read: "This person has cost us a considerable amount of money because we have had to install security cameras.
"We have also had to pay for vet's fees and antibiotics for the injuries sustained by the goat."
In mitigation Anne Ellery told the court Newman's actions were a "symptom of isolation rather than depravity".
"His delay in admitting the behaviour is because of the embarrassment and shame that went with it," she added.

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