Wednesday, 4 September 2013

One House Wife Don Die After Drink Pap mixed with Shaving Powder

One 25 year old wife for Ijebu Ode Sikiratu Abdullah don die after she drink pap  mix with Shaving powder belonging to her husband. Mama Pidgin gather sey the husband Ahmed Abdullah no dey home when the Incidence happened. Somebody wey see the woman before she die talk sey hin see the woman dey vomit for inside a bucket wey she out by her side

The person talk sey the neigbour for the house wey the woman dey stay no help matter because before the woman die na soso pain for belle she dey shout but non of the neighbour even look her side.
The husband talk sey him dey surprise when hin get home and find the body of hin dead wife for ground he con accuse the neigbours for not showing any care for hin wife when she dey for pain.

Wetin con dey controvercial for the tori be sey according to the medical director of Ijebu ode teaching hospital hin talk sey if person drink shaving powder no bi immediately the person go dieoo he said the person fit live for 3 to 4 more days before the person can die if no medical attention dey available. The medical director talk sey no be shaving powder kill the woman ooo something else wey no dey open for don happen to the woman

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