Monday, 30 September 2013

Meet The Man with the World record Of Having the Biggest Arm

Moustafa Ismail Na him hold the Guinness world record of the man with the biggest bicep. Na him be the first Egyptian to hold a guinness world recorld...
Moustafa na 24year old body builder from Alexandria Eqypt.
The 24-year-old Egyptian, whose 31-inch biceps measure the same as a man's waist, says he love to dey chop spinach and spinach is to him what kryptonite is to Superman.

However I think there are other people wey get muscle pass Moustafa Ismail like Gregory Stein see him picture below but dem talk sey na steroid Gregory use to build him own muscle..


  1. Yeeapa. Dem no normal @ all oo o

  2. Kai Wetin be dis?