Sunday, 15 September 2013

Go For Physchiatric Test Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) Tell ElRufai

CAN don Lambash Former minister of FCT Mallam Nasir Elrufai, CAN sey make Elrufai go to psychiatric hospital for serious mental examination, and dey give him seven days to mention the name of the person wey Elrufai talk sey dash Pastor Oritzajeafor plane.
 The statement which was  jointly signed by Head of TEKAN/ECWA Block in CAN, Rev. (Dr.) Emmanuel Dziggau, and CAN’s National Director (Research, Planning & Strategy), Elder Sunday Oibe.

 It followed El-Rufai’s unprovoked attack on CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, in an interview he granted Saturday Sun.
In the interview published yesterday, El-Rufai Talk sey:
“Look, Pastor Oritsejafor is the propaganda chief of the PDP.  He lacks credibility . . . He is not a religious leader. He is a religious pretender. From his statements, he is a bigot, he is an ethnic irredentist and no one should take him seriously. It is sad that such a person is the head of CAN. So, he can say whatever he wants to say but we know who he is working for, we know who gave him his private jet. So, why should we worry about someone like that? He has zero credibility.”

Part of CAN’s statement read
“If El-Rufai doesn’t have a father who should have properly brought him up and for which reason he started using gutter language to abuse Jesus Christ and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, he should go to psychiatric hospital for serious mental examination. This is a task we are giving his friends and relatives. His brain should be examined because it seems something is wrong. We can no longer fold our hands and allow Christian leaders to be abused by no person than El-Rufai. We can no longer take it; enough is enough. Anytime he abuses Christian leaders and Jesus Christ, we Chrisians will let him know that he has many forces to contend with.

“We are giving El-Rufai seven days ultimatum to inform Nigerians and the world the person he claims to know that gave Pastor Ayo his private Jet. If he fails to do that, we will open up on him and his dirty life. “We want to make it enequivocally clear that Pastor Ayo is not in PDP, he’s not a politician and so cannot be a propaganda machinery of PDP as erroneously alleged by El-Rufai. Pastor Ayo is a religious leader and he remains. No Be small Thing oo I no Know sey CAN fit Abuse Person Like this oo. So Elrufai dem don advise you oo.

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