Thursday, 5 September 2013

One Naija Prison warder Don Kill a Taxi Driver and Injured 4 others Incuding a Pastor

The incidence wey happen for Woji in River state . Mama Pidgin gather sey the incidence happen when some warders wey carry prisoners Inside their motor dey drive for road recklessly and against traffic law com  cause go slow (hold up)  for road. As dem dey try clear the road pipul wey dey use the road dey complain, among them na the late taxi driver. Eye witness talk sey one warder commot from the prison warder  car and ask the taxi driver to commot from hin taxi but the taxi driver refused this make the two of dem to dey drag the car, but the prison warder pointed the nozzle of the gun wey hin carry at the driver and shot the driver many times the driver died immediately at the spot and
 several other people too con join sustain injury including a pastor and two people wey mama pidgin gather sey they may not latter survive because their condition dey very critical.
The warder claim sey na accidental discharge sey hin no know sey hin hand don press the trigger of the gun and na mistake hin commit, meanwhile Police don arrest the warder and the other injured pipul dey hospital. 

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