Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Pikin don talk Sey Hin 57year Old Papa dey Sleep With Her oo

Where is this world heading to? A primary school girl don talk about how hin papa dey always false her to sleep with him every night. The girl talk sey her 57year old papa dey sleep with her and after that give her N200 as pocket money. The girl wey talk sey the incident all began after her mama return back to her papa wey she don divorce for many years.

The pikin talk sey she dey very happy when her papa and mama won come back as husband and wife again oo. Na hin make her to leave where she dey stay with one of her aunt to go join her parent. She sey after some time she no com dey happy with her papa againoo and talk sey she dey always reject her papa but her papa go beat her whenever she reject him.

She talk sey when the thing first started she complain to her mama but the papa dey always denial am and talk sey him no fit do that kine thing to his own daughter.

Kasala com finally burst for the papa when the girl report the matter to her headmaster and the headmaster com take the case go police ooo... Immediately the police hear dey quickly arrest the papa, but the papa talk sey na lie the child dey talkooo and the only time him beat the child na when he discover sey the child dey keep relationship with an elderly man foe their area. Meanwhile police talk sey dem no believe Wetin the papa dey talk oo ddem don detain him and dem don charge him to court.

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