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See Wetin Plastic Surgery Turn this People into, Plastic Surgery wey Go Wrong

Joan River go spend her retirement time in the age of 78 with bad moment. The facelift, botox and nose job had made her look horrible. The facelift made her face too tight and made it frozen. She also played too much with botox, even though her face ad no wrinkles, she looks unnaturally smooth. A dozen of botox might have been injected in her old face.  And the other worst thing is her nose.You can imagine it looked like a wooden dragonfly stick on her face. That’s so horrible.
Jackie Shallon
Jackie Stallone, from the name Stallone you might wonder of Sylvester Stallone, the Rambo. Yes, Jackie Stallone is the Rambo’s mother. She turned from beauty to the beast after plastic surgery. She had bad decision to use plastic surgery in order to make her face youthful. As you can see that she got a plumply cheek, frozen face, awful lips, scary eyes etc. The facelift and botox had made her face so frozen and too shiny. She looked like the wax version of her now. Too much fillers in some parts of her face and lips made her a bit scarier. The lips she had looked twice bigger than before.  She looked like scary grandma.

Dennis Avner, The Catman or Tiger man. He is one of the most extreme human in the world. Unlike other people who tried plastic surgery to get a good look, he did it for such obsession. He tried to make himself turn into a cat or tiger no matter how. And he did it successfully. He had changed his face completely with some plastic surgeries procedures such as facelift, filers, dental surgery and many others. The teeth had been sharped to make teeth tiger. He also plump his cheek with fillers, change his eyes with eyelid surgeries, reshape his lips, ear, hand etc. Some news told the reason why he did it for his creed of something. He is not crazy, but he is obsessed on something unusual for common people. And last year, the 54 years was found dead in his house in Nevada.
Tara Reid

Once best known for her role as high school sweetheart Vicky in American Pie, Reid is now better known for her bungled liposuction and breast implant procedure, which she received in 2004. Her bumpy breast scars, however, weren't as disconcerting as her spoiled belly: "I had body contouring, but it all went wrong," she said on The View. "My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing." Reid underwent reconstructive surgery in 2006, and posed for Playboy in 2009 to show off her fixed plastic surgery. Photos by Paul Smith/Featureflash (left) and FilmMagic (right).

Donatella Versace

Vice president of the high-fashion brand Versace, Donatella, 54, has gone through a series of surgeries since the 1990s. Among other adjustments, her most noticeable changes have been to her nose and lips, and her trademark swollen smackers have scored her a spot on nearly every list of plastic surgery faux pas over the past few years—though there's no real published evidence that Versace herself is unhappy with the changes. Photo by Retna Ltd.

When there is a Catman, there’s also a cat woman. Jocelyn Wildenstein is the cat woman. She told that, she obsessed by his ex-husband who loved a cat and she went under plastic surgery to turn her self into a cat. More or less $4,000,000 had been spent buy her to become a cat. And several years ago, the cat woman stated that she want to go back to a normal woman again, therefore she needed to reconstruct her look (again) with several plastic surgeries, even though it needed a lot of time and nearly impossible to go back to her original face.

 She sold her face to plastic surgery for the ugly one. That’s what happened to Pete Burns. She had several multiples plastic surgery. Like her popular song entitled “Dead or Alive”, her face look like it, dead or alive face. Pete burns nowadays completely changed her face. Too plumply cheek, wide lips and frozen facial skin are some features in her face. She looked too much playing with plastic surgeries. People imagined why she didn’t stop it when she knew that the procedures got worst.

The Real Housewives of New York City star was attacked by the media in 2008 for unabashedly flaunting her badly misshapen breasts. The former model and "ambassador for wool"—an achievement she mentioned in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, though the public has yet to figure out what that means—has since had a run-in with both copyright infringement and domestic violence, and doesn't appear to have undergone reconstructive surgery. Photos by WireImage (left) and Retna Ltd. (right). 

 She was one of transgender actresses in America with an awful change. Amanda Lepore appearance nowadays looked like an ugly plastic doll. She looked so scary even though she appeared without dress. She changed everything to be woman. She got a breast augmentation to make a bust. She changed her nose, reshape the lips inject implants into her buttock, remake the eyes, etc. She completely change into a woman. Unfortunately, she got an ugly face that scare a lot of people. Many people wonder how could she stand confidently even though, she looked so awful. Is this an obsession? or a hobby?

This woman could be the worst plastic surgery case ever. She looked so unnaturally plump around her body. Is this a wrong plastic surgery? Nope. The case began when a doctor where she visit didn’t give her any filler injection again to her for some problems, then she decided crazily to change the fillers with cooking oil. Than she turned into a weird looked lady. We can’t imagine why she could do such a thing. The cooking oil might have damaged the cell in her body, so that she turned in to a woman like this. She had lost her old beautiful look forever, we guessed.

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