Saturday, 21 September 2013

See wetin Comedian Elenu tweet... Ladies do you Agree ?

Ladies Una agree ?


  1. you no lie Pat me too no agree. Naija ladies dey always put love before anything naw. though we also prefer guys wey dey abroard dan dose wey dey naija

  2. Everybody different. Maybe past experience don teache her lesson. You dey decieve yourself,say you get bobo somewhere and pay am surprise visit, na anoda babe open door for you. Abroad guys go dey send u raw cash and I'm family know you as wife and most times actually come n marry the ladies. So na I'm beta pass

    1. Anon 00:52 You also talk sense no be small, na dollars and pound sterlin we dey talk nawwww, no be naira... People also talk sey if your husband dey for obodo oyinbo and yuo let other pipul to know the kine respect you go dey get go pass the one dem dey give queen Elizabeth.