Monday, 30 September 2013

President Barrak Obama congratulate Nigeria on 53rd Independence Anniversary

The President of America Barak Obama don send a congratulatory message to the government and people of Naija on our 53 independent anniversary wey we dey celebrate. Obama talk through him secretary of state John Kerry. See Wetin e talk...
“On the 53rd anniversary of your independence, I wish all Nigerians a safe and prosperous future,” Kerry quoted the U.S. president as saying.
Meanwhile, in the historic city, New York, Nigerians and friends of Nigeria from around the world are gearing up to celebrate the anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence.

Meet The Man with the World record Of Having the Biggest Arm

Moustafa Ismail Na him hold the Guinness world record of the man with the biggest bicep. Na him be the first Egyptian to hold a guinness world recorld...
Moustafa na 24year old body builder from Alexandria Eqypt.
The 24-year-old Egyptian, whose 31-inch biceps measure the same as a man's waist, says he love to dey chop spinach and spinach is to him what kryptonite is to Superman.

However I think there are other people wey get muscle pass Moustafa Ismail like Gregory Stein see him picture below but dem talk sey na steroid Gregory use to build him own muscle..

The Tallest Hotel in West Africa Opens in Lagos

The tallest hotel in westafrica opens yesterday in Lagos Nigeria. The intercontinental hotel wey cost more than N30billion Naira to build is a five star hotel with 23 storey buildings and na hin be the tallest in west africa. The hotel was opened yesterday by the governor of Lagos state Babatunde Fashola
Fashola open the hotel in a ceremony also attended by the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi; Oba of Lagos, Oba Riliwan Akiolu 1; ex-governor of CBN, Joseph Sanusi, and other dignitaries.

The hotel wey dey for Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, is a 23-storey building with 358 rooms, 37 suites and a presidential suite.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

President Goodluck Jonathan Is Live On T.V. Talking About his Government Achievement So Far...

President JonathanTalk Sey ASUU strike is unfortunate oo. Stay tune for More from Jonathan Media Chat from Mama Pidgin ...

President Jonathan talk about second term in office when he was asked the question about second term agenda see Wetin he talk; "Declaring my intentions early will destabilise the system. don't force me to declare my interest"

"We are building a SECURITY ARCHITECTURE to overcome terrorism" ...President Goodluck Jonathan

GEJ - "You will observe that within Abuja there has been no cases of bomb blasts again,I'm am not God and I cannot say it will not happen"

"Corruption is not Nigeria's number 1 problem, corruption is as old as the human race" ...President GEJ

Jim Iyke delivered of Evil Spirits live on Emmanuel T.V.

Nollywood Actor Jim iyke is presently been delivered of evil spirits at the Synagogue Church of all nation. Dem dey even show am live on Emmanuel T.v. Jim Talk sey he cannot love anyone.
Update: Jim Iyke has now been fully delivered of the evil spirit wey dey prevent him from getting married and dey torment his life... The wisenan command the spirit to leave Jim iyke at first the spirit no won go oo but after the battle between light and darkness the spirit finally run commot from Jim Iyke life...

Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person For Today Na Joke Silver

Joke Silver na the first female to become Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person. Joke Silver Na ogbonge Nollywood Actress wey dey very popular for Naija and don dey act before most of the popular actress wey everybody know for Nollywood started acting. As usualfor Mama {idgin I no go write plenty tori about Joke Silver I go just write some informations wey you no know about joke silver. sit down and make una enjoy...

Mama Pidgin Quote of The Day

Pidgin English Quote of the day Na


English translation: If you wear borrowed trousers, it is likely the owner of those trousers is watching them closely
Context: Better be a lender than a borrower

Happy Birthday to Joke Silva

Mama Pidgin dey use this opportunity to wish the undisputed queen of Nollywood a happy birthday long live and prosperity. Joke Silva dey celebrate her 52nd birthday today

And the Winner of MTN Project Fame Season 6 Is Olawale

Olawale Ayodele Ojo, a 400 level Agronomy Student of Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, don emerge has the
winner of the MTN Project Fame West Africa for these season.

Olawale closely followed by Immaculate in second position , while Niniola Apata and Margaret Cephas became the third and fourth   respectively.

Olawale go get a brand new car, 5 Million Naira and a recording contract wey worth millions of naira

Congratulations to Olawale...

A Pikin don talk Sey Hin 57year Old Papa dey Sleep With Her oo

Where is this world heading to? A primary school girl don talk about how hin papa dey always false her to sleep with him every night. The girl talk sey her 57year old papa dey sleep with her and after that give her N200 as pocket money. The girl wey talk sey the incident all began after her mama return back to her papa wey she don divorce for many years.

The pikin talk sey she dey very happy when her papa and mama won come back as husband and wife again oo. Na hin make her to leave where she dey stay with one of her aunt to go join her parent. She sey after some time she no com dey happy with her papa againoo and talk sey she dey always reject her papa but her papa go beat her whenever she reject him.

She talk sey when the thing first started she complain to her mama but the papa dey always denial am and talk sey him no fit do that kine thing to his own daughter.

Kasala com finally burst for the papa when the girl report the matter to her headmaster and the headmaster com take the case go police ooo... Immediately the police hear dey quickly arrest the papa, but the papa talk sey na lie the child dey talkooo and the only time him beat the child na when he discover sey the child dey keep relationship with an elderly man foe their area. Meanwhile police talk sey dem no believe Wetin the papa dey talk oo ddem don detain him and dem don charge him to court.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Meet The Oyinbo Professor Wey Dey Speek And Write Fluently in Yoruba

Na who talk sey na only Nigerians like to dey speak foreign language like English and French?  Mama pidgin don see one Oyinbo man wey dey write and speak Yoruba fluently, this man love Yoruba to the extent sey he don dedicate in entire study career into the study of Yoruba culture and everything about Yoruba.

Professor Andrew Apter, a Director of African Studies in University of California, Los Angeles, is very proficient in Yoruba language.  He speaks and writes the language as if he was born and bred in a Yoruba remote village. A couple of years back, he wrote to a friend:

Ore mi owon, omo ile naa ni! Inu mi dun nigba ti mo ri iranse eamil re! Yes, Emi ni, Ogundele, Omo Ayede, Igi aje to mi Igi Ogun gbelele!…

Prof. Apter works on ritual, memory, and indigenous knowledge as well as colonial culture, commodity fetishism and state spectacle. His historical ethnography of  Yoruba hermeneutics informs his research on“syncretism” and creolization in West Africa and the Americas.

I Shave My Head & Beard Myself...Banky W

In a recent interview wey Banky W granted he talk about his head and his bear-bear and other things

Tell us something no one knows about you.
I’m not sure how many people know this, but I shave my head and shape my beard myself. I’m my own barber. I’ve been doing it for years. It started when I was in University and didn’t have a lot of money, I learnt to maintain it myself so I didn’t need to spend money on it every week.And now I’m good at it so I’m my own barber I will probably open a barbershop at some point.
Coming up at the 10th position of the Forbes rating, how did you feel?
I don’t believe very much in such things. Let’s be honest, the real wealthy people are the businessmen like Dangote and the politicians (some of whom got there by looting Nigeria). They’re the ones with real money. This entertainment business is too much hype. It is more fame than fortune. So I’m not thrilled to it and I don’t think any of us should buy into it too much. I’d rather be wealthy and quiet than famous and broke.

What is your normal day like?
I try to pray but I definitely need to do a better job at that. At least three or four times a week, I try to put in work-out sessions with my personal trainer. After that it’s a mix of things; meetings, press obligations, social outings and performances or appearances that I’m booked to make.

Buhari, Fayemi and Others Visit Tunubu In London

Leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC,  including Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday, visited former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu in the United Kingdom, where he is recuperating after a knee surgery.

Apart from Mr. Buhari, those who visited the former Lagos State governor, himself a leader of APC, were Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, Senators Babafemi Ojudu, Bunmi Adetumbi, Jide Adesoye, Tony Adeniyi and Kemela Okara.

The Man Caught With Human Head Sey e Won Use Am Do Bullet Proof Charm

The man that was gbap by police some days ago in Ibadan don confess sey the head wey him Digg from a grave na for bullet proof charm him wan use am for oo. Seyi Akirinola talk sey the head na from one mad woman wey dey stay for him area and die some days ago. Akinrinola whom was paraded with him friend Ajitoye Ogundeyi whom he talk sey na him inspire him to go cut the head.
Police arrested Akinrinola last Thursday when dem lay ambush for him after dey discover sey Akinrinola don cut a dead person head and him com hide the head on top the tree wey dey infront of his house to sun dry the head

Friday, 27 September 2013

See How Feminist Protesters Try to Distrupt Paris Fashion Show

No be small thingoo when two ladies appear half naked at these years Paris fashion week to protest sey modeling no be good thingoo and na for Ashewo house models supposed dey always dey. But immediately dey enter the run way the security quickly drive the two of dem commot from the stage and one of them even chop blow for nose from one of the model Kate.

Christiana Ronaldo flashes His Jewel Encrusted Watch Worth £100,000 (N25 Million)

See the wrist watch wey the Football king of bling bling Christiana Ronaldo wear for hand.
The watch is a Jacob and Company limited edition H24 with a total diamond weight of 15.25 cts and a retail price of nearly £100,000.
Ronaldo wey just renew hin contract with Real Madrid to be collecting £288,000 (N60 Million) per week com step out from a restaurant  wearing the wrist watch. The watch wey cost pass most cars. Ronaldo com enter hin Lamborghini after leaving the restaurant, the car wey cost pass most houses in the world.
Chai money good ooo

Thursday, 26 September 2013

See the Two Legged Dog

Na Four legs dog they get but this dog was born with just two legs. Despite the fact sey the dog no be human being e don manage to survive with just two legs and works around  with the two legs

Rihanna was Booed By Fans In Adelaide

One of popular oyinbo Singer Rihanna get insult from her fans inAdelaide during a concert. Mama pidgin gather sey Rihanna no come out on stage the time wey she surppose com out she late come stage for about 1hr 20min, when she come eventually comeout people in the croud com start to dey booe her sey she don keep dem waiting. Mama pidgin discover sey na the makeup wey she dwt do for inside Cos the delay. However Rihanna com give the audience the best of her performance and all of dem com latter become happy..

Over 8,000 Women in Zamfara state Protest Over Non Availability of Husband

This one no be moi moi oo no fewer than 8,000 women on Thursday matched to the Zamfara Hisbah Commission, seeking the state government’s assistance to enable them to get married.

The Oga wey lead the protest talk sey the association had over 8,000 women, comprising 5,380 divorcees, 2,200 widows, 1,200 orphans and 80 others, whom he said, were looking for men to marry.

He said the women also needed assistance to purchase household items such as beds, mattresses and other basic necessities needed
to move to their husbands’ houses.

They com beg the Zamfara government make e assist them in recruiting and screening of suitors for the womenoo

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A 27years Old Man steal N6.8Million From ATM in Abuja

Police don catch a 27years old man for stealing 6.8 Million Naira from an ATM in Abuja. Although all the money was recovered complete but how was it possible for him to steal such an amount of money from ATM.

Na the question wey mama pidgin ask be dat. The police com narrate how the whole Tori take happen. Dem talk sey dey receive a call from the bank that some money don miss oo and somebody  don tamper with their ATM. This make dem to swing quickly to the place and on getting there dey discover sey the camera wey dey for the ATM no dey work again. Dem come try to enter the door wey Leed to the entrance of the machine but discover sey dem don lock am from inside. Dey were able to enter through another wey and fortunately for them dey see the man on the computer still trying to pack more money. Na hin dey gbap am...

The man com talk sey na for YouTube him learn how he go take break into an ATM oo that him buy all the instruments wey hin need like screw driver, hammer, and plyier which dem catch with am. Naija pipul too over smart!!!

Read these write-up and Laugh. Laughing is good

Mama pidgin readers one of my fans send this to me just read and laugh
In football
Balotelli missed a penalty.
John Obi Mikel scored, for Chelsea? .
Arsenal are on top of the league?.
Valdes is saving penalties?
United lost with Howard Webb?.
Arsenal spend over £50Million to buy players this season ?
Barcelona had 48% possession in a match?
The end is near. End time Tinz!!!
For Nigeria
PDP breaks into two
Militant buying Private jet
Small boy want to fly To USA unnoticed
ASUU... we won't end our strike until 2020
People srip themselves naked to avoid arrest
The end is near! END TIME TINZ

Nawaoo Dead Body of A small Child Found In a Church

Police don arrest a pastor after dey exhumed the  body of a two year pikin from his church. The incident wey happen for a church in Lagos was reported to the police when somebody saw the pastor when hin dey buary the dead pikin for in front of his church. The person com notify everybody and dey com carry the case go police station na for the station, police rush go the pastor church and dem arrest the pastor and he confess sey na true oo, thereafter he show dem where he bury the child and dem com exhumed the dead pikin body
Wetin this world dey turn to? When pastor won dey use juju in the name of preaching the word of God.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Srike Still Continues oo as ASUU release Message For Students Wey Dey Home

The ungoing University strike still continue as no agreement between ASUU and FG is reach.

Meanwhile ASSU don release a press message for Naija university students wey dey for house. Read the message below

Message from ASUU President
Dear Comrades, As the struggle to save Nigerian University system is being pursued, I’ll like to salute all our members for their resoluteness in ensuring that the 2009 ASUU/Government Agreement is implemented in accordance with the Roadmap defined by the 2012 MoU. We believe very strongly that the rot and decay in the University System is not only arrestable but also reversible. We believe even more strongly that, the key to turning round the University System lies in the sincere implementation of the Agreement.
What government has so far been doing is no more than a repeat performance of a one-act-play: all the deceptions, propaganda, lies, mischiefs and such other Shenanigans were tried by previous Governments, including Military Juntas, but our resolve to save the University System and our Country remained unwaivered.

Olamide dash fans over N50,000 on Twitter

Durosoke crooner com suprise one of his fan for twitter when he dash am 50k five times morethan the money he requested. He also dash some. Other fans recharge cards, it all started when one of his Twitter follow ask am to give him 10,000 when Olamide tweet sey is good make people dey help those in need. The fan com use the opportunity to ask Olamide for 10k but Olamide surprise am by giving him 50k

Dana Air from Abuja To Lagos Miraculously landed After loosing First Engine Mid Air

We thank God that Naija no experience another Plane crash yesterday Sunday 22. When Dana Air flight 356 lost its first engine mid air but the plane manage to continue the journey with the second engine and miraculously landed safely at Muritala Mohammad Airport Lagos.

According to one of the passenger for inside the plane talk sey all of a sunden dem start to dey hear a very loud and strange sound coming from the cockpit of the plane and after some time the sound stop and the engine short down completely.
We Thank Almighty God that nothing happen to all the passengers and the crew members we hope Dana air and Nigeria Government go take immediate action to prevent air crash ooo.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Angela Merkel Don win Again for another term as German Chancelor

The ever dynamic German chancellor, 59 year old Angela Merkel don secure another win for the third term as German chancellor, this time around her party Christian Democratic Union won convincingly carrying majority of the vote. Merkel is now on track towards becoming the longest serving Female Leader in Europe

Mama Pidgin Becomes the first person in Naija to Congatulate Mrs Angela Markel. Madam once more Congratulation. Remember na Mama Pidgin Congratulate you First for Nigeria

Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person for Today Na Wole Soyinka

Prof. Wole Soyinka
Wole Soyinka no Need Introduction oo. Na him be the first Nobel Laureate from Africa Nobody for Naija  go talk sey dem no know Wole Soyinka Some pipul even talk sey na him be the most popular person for Naija . Today na him be our Sunday Uncommon Person, As usual for mama pidgin I no go write plenti tori about Wole Soyinka I go just write some few things wey you no know about wole soyinka.

Glo X-factor Winner D.J. Switch Talk About Her Victory

Her name na obianuju Catherine Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch, Na DJ Switch won the first edition of Glo X-factor 2013. she win N24 Million and a recording deal with sony music. DJ switch Talk sey she left her well paying job at Halliburton to promote the talent in her.  Read more

Meet The First Child Of Prof. Wole Soyinka

His Name na Dr. Olaokun Wole Soyinka na him be the Honourable Commissioner of Health, Ogun State and was a Health Promotion Officer with WHO (2008-2011). A cardiologist, he was sworn in July 2011 by Governor Ibikunle  Amosun. Dr. Olaokun, is also an activist and NADECO member, is a split image of his dad, just that he’s a lot fairer (he also took his voice 99.9%). click to see more

Mama Pidgin Quote Of the Day

Quote: Old Man Wey Dey Carry Small Girl No Suppose Complain When Small Girl Slap Am For Public

English translation: If an old man likes sleeping with young girls, he should not complain when they disrespect him in public

Context: Self-respect. Same as ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’

Saturday, 21 September 2013

See Kelly Rowland Designer Dress You Fit Wear this Kine dress?

See Kelly Rolland in a Jean by Paul Gaultier dress and Louboutin heels. See more snaps of Ms. Kelly below.

John Obi Mikel Score His First ever Premier League Goal For Chelsea Fc

Today na history dey for Naija John Obi Mikel has hin score his first ever premier league goal in Chelsea uniform Mikel don feature in 158 premier league game for Chelsea in 7 years . Chelsea also end their 4 games wey dem dey loose today by pafukaring fulham by 2 oshara go to nothing.

Two Adulterers caught in Benue State after committing adultery were asked to waka naked for the whole Town to prevent evil from the oracle warning please ( sexually explicit picture)

This one happen on Thursday 19th September  for Orokam Obadigbo Local Government of Benue state Nigeria. The woman wey dey for picture, na the wife of a popular school proprietor for the area .
her husband died on Tuesday, and was accused by her husband’s people of having committed adultery which she talk sey na true.
Further Revelation  by members of Orokam community  talk sey dem get an oracle for their community

See Foto of Pregnant Hollywood Actress Halley Berry

The Heavily Pregnant 47 years old Halle Berry is expected to give birth to her secon pikin very soon,  see her latst look as photographer captured her when she go buy Okro, Tomatoes and Pepper soup for market to prepare Isewu... lol see more foto

Meet The Worlds Youngest Billionaire

Dustin Moskovitz

Moskovitz, 29, is worth $5.2 billion, and he’s the world’s youngest billionaire. Moskovitz was Mark Zuckerberg’s former roommate, and he helped launch Facebook with Zuckerberg.

Source: Forbes

See wetin Comedian Elenu tweet... Ladies do you Agree ?

Ladies Una agree ?

Waoo make Una see Fulani Lads Beauty Peagent

Mama Pidgin no know sey Fulani pipul too get their own beauty peagent make una see as them they do their thing there own way. See video after the cut

Click here to see the video
 For one week every year, a small village in northern Niger plays host to a gathering of nomadic farmers from across the region.
Thousands of herders set up camp to mark the end of the rainy season in what is known as the Salt Cure Festival.
It is a key national event to celebrate the Tuareg and Fulani cultures, and it includes a famous male beauty contest - called Gerewol - of the Woodabe subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group.
BBC Africa's Laeila Adjovi went to the village of Ingall and sent this report