Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Father of the Nigeria Stowaway Piking Don Appear ooo

 papa for the pikin wey hide for inside Arik balu (airplane) Don come out yesterday. The old papa wey talk sey, na him be authentic papa wey born the pikin and contrary to the information wey the pikin mama dey give sey him sick, sey him no sick ooo sey na the mama of the pikin dey carry false information give pipul about him. He talk sey na lie when hin wife talk sey him Don dey sick for bed for long and hin no dey provide for him family.
 The man talk sey na true hin no dey with
him family again but na the mama wey no want dey with am. He said after hin loss him job he no fit afford the house rent of the 3 bedroom flat wey the mama and piking dey live hin come tell his wife for them to move to another place wey him fit afford but the wife refused and continue to stay for the house na the reason why him move out be dat. All this happened yesterday at the Edo state ministry of women affiars and social welfare office where the department for state security (DSS)
Handed over the pikin to Edo state government. The pikin wey done dey under DSS detention since d incident happen was finaly handed offer to Edition state government. Meanwhile a group called DE RAUF also dey there dey talk sey dey come fulfil their promise of scholarship for the pikin.

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