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Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person For This Week Na Gani Fawehinmi (SAN, SAM)

Gani Fawehinmi Ogbonge lawyer

Gani Fawehinmi na house hold name for Naija but few youth for naija really know who this man called gani fawehinmi really is. I dey very sure sey as a Nigerian nobody go talk sey dey never hear the name Gani Fawehinmi before, but most young pipul of Naija dont really know who be Gani Fawehinmi. For today Gani Fawehinmi be Mama pidgin sunday uncommon person for Today. as
Usual I no go write plenty tori about him i go just highlight some uncommon thing about Gani.
Gani  Na one Ogbonge Lawyer wey Every military president wey don rule Nigeria fear welu-well.

Gani in court

1. Gani was born on 22 April 1938 for Ondo Town In Ondo State. Gani had his early Primary school at Ansarudeen Primary School and  Secondary school at Victory college Ikare both for ondo state Na for secondary school the principal of the school write letter go give Gani papa, sey make dem allow Gani Go study law for university

 2. Gani traveled go U.K. for his University education at Holborn college University of london to study law in 1961. During his study, Gani loss him papa this make life very difficult for him for U.K which make am to dey do menial job like washing of toilet and sweeping of airport just to further him study.
Gani With him Mama

3. Gani eventually graduated and come back to Naija in September 1964 with just one bag which contain 1 trouser, 1 shirt, 1pair of shoe, 2 pants, 2 singlets, 2 pairs of socks and 2 black suits all wey mama pidgin gather sey na bend down and select stuffs for oyinbo land Gani get am.

Gani Law Chamber
  4. Gani Na very hardworking person oo. After Gani finish from Nigeria Law school Gani start to dey practice law from hin apartment where hin dey live, but today na Gani get the largest law chamber in Nigeria wey dey for No. 35, Adeniran Ajao Road, Ajao Estate, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Gani ogbonge Activist
5. Gani na ogbonge lawyer wey give tough time to military president wey rule naija.. When most naija dey fear military rulers during that time, Gani no fear anybody and him dey always sey the truth about the oppression and illegality military, this make military hate him. He don carry many of dem go court and most of the time na him dey win.

Gani for Ikoyi Prison

6. Gani Na the only Nigerian wey dem don jail for more than 30 times at different prison for naija for committing no offense

7. Soldiers and Police don burn him house several times den don even beat am publicly and and kill two of his guide.

Gani dey defend students
8. Gani na one radical lawyer wey dey defend the poor the student and the masses in general. Gani na number 1 choice lawyer for nigeria students, as he don win many court cases for student some of which include, University of Ibadan 1971 case, University of Benin 1976 case, University of lagos 1976, University of Ife (OAU) 1981 case, University of maiduguri 1983 case etc

Gani, Senior Advocate of the Masses

9. Dem denial him SAN and no Give him  when him first apply in 1985 but  he was latter awarded in 2001 however before then, Natinal Association of Nigerian student(NANS)  don already honoured him with Senior Advocate of the Masses Honour which take place for Obafemi Awolowo University.

Gani going and coming from detention

10. All in all Dem don detain am more than 36 times in different prisons and police stations, he has been attacked personally more than 6 times, dem don seized his international passport more than 7 different times,  dem don search his house 16 times and burn his chamber.

IBB respects Gani
11. Gani no be small person and the fear of Gani by any military government na the begining of wisdom. Even one of his sworn enemy IBB talk sey one person he respected most for Naija is Gani Fawehinmi. In 2008 Gani rejected the highest National Honour Offered him by the government of Nigeria

Gani's death

12. News Broke on 5 september 2009 that Gani don die for hin hospital for abroad after battling with lung cancer.

Gani Burial
13. A befitting burial was giving to him. 

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