Saturday, 28 September 2013

Meet The Oyinbo Professor Wey Dey Speek And Write Fluently in Yoruba

Na who talk sey na only Nigerians like to dey speak foreign language like English and French?  Mama pidgin don see one Oyinbo man wey dey write and speak Yoruba fluently, this man love Yoruba to the extent sey he don dedicate in entire study career into the study of Yoruba culture and everything about Yoruba.

Professor Andrew Apter, a Director of African Studies in University of California, Los Angeles, is very proficient in Yoruba language.  He speaks and writes the language as if he was born and bred in a Yoruba remote village. A couple of years back, he wrote to a friend:

Ore mi owon, omo ile naa ni! Inu mi dun nigba ti mo ri iranse eamil re! Yes, Emi ni, Ogundele, Omo Ayede, Igi aje to mi Igi Ogun gbelele!…

Prof. Apter works on ritual, memory, and indigenous knowledge as well as colonial culture, commodity fetishism and state spectacle. His historical ethnography of  Yoruba hermeneutics informs his research on“syncretism” and creolization in West Africa and the Americas.


  1. am a yoruba boi but sincerely commenting I can't write what I just read the way he did na soso f9 me and my friends dey always get for exam

    1. Lol... Prof Andrew Apter na ogbonge oyinbo wey dey speak conc yoruba may be e go fit teach you...