Sunday, 20 October 2013

Unhappy with her brown eyes, Beatriz Murillo is now legally blind after she got silicone iris implants to compliment her skin

Oyinbo People with there wahala Beatriz Murillo talk sey she know like the color of her brown eye she com go do silicon implant into her iris now she don go blind   oo.
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Canadian Beatriz Murillo, , went to Panama for silicone iris implants that changed her eye colour from brown to green. Since then, she’s had two glaucoma surgeries and a cornea transplant, and can now only see vague shapes and colours. (Courtesy of Beatriz Murillo)

Using surgical implants to change eye colour can rob people of their vision, some Canadian eye specialists warn.

Beatriz Murillo, 36, travelled from Toronto to a clinic in Panama, where she paid $8,000 to have a silicone disc placed on top of her irises to lighten the colour from brown to green.“I’m an artist and I’m afraid I’m never going to be able to paint again,” said Murillo, who had the procedure three years ago.

Last year, she started to feel pain, as if knives were stabbing the inside of her eyes. She also experienced elevated pressure in her eyes. Since then, she’s had two glaucoma surgeries and a cornea transplant that her body rejected, and she can now only see vague shapes and colours.

“Essentially, she’s legally blind now in both eyes, despite the fact that these artificial implants have been removed,” said Dr. Allen Slomovic, Murillo’s ophthalmologist, noting she can only count fingers 0.6 metres in front of her face, which is significantly worse than legal blindness.

“I think the lesson Beatriz has taught us is to be very cautious when dealing with cosmetic implants.”
Iris implants can irritate the delicate eye, said Dr. Ike Ahmed.

Dr. Ike Ahmed, an eye surgeon at Mississauga’s Credit Valley Hospital, has seen two similar cases of people needing medical and surgical treatment.

Iris implants can irritate the delicate eye, Ahmed noted.

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