Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mama Pidgin Sunday Uncommon Person for Today Na Fela Anikulapo Kuti

In The Spirit of Felaburation wey go start Tommorrow I sey make i choose Baba 70 for the second time as my Sunday Uncommon Person

For Mama Pidgin Older fans the name Baba 70 go dey ring bell but for our youger fans wey no sabi who bi Baba 70, he no bi anyother person dan Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Mama Pidgin no go write plenty tori about Fela. I go just write some very uncommon tori about am. Make you sit back, go look for cold water soak gari inside enjoy as you read this lovely tori about Baba 70.
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1. Na 15th October 1938 dey born baba 70 the name way dey give am after birth na Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti. Fela change him name to Fela Anikulapo kuti (meaning person wey get death for pocket) him fan too give dier own name like Abami eda, Baba 70 etc.

2.Him road to music start when him papa send am go obodo eyibo to go study medicine instead fela study

3.Fela married him first wife Remi Taylor in 1960 dey born 3 pikin together (Yeni  Femi and sola )

Fela and first wife Remi

 4. Baba 70 also marry one oyinbo by the name Sandra Smith Person wey Baba 70 talk sey she greatly influence the wey hin dey think and dey write him song

Fela and Sandra

5.We all need to Thank God for Baba 70 though hin no believe in Godoooo. Baba 70 con decide to dey sing for pidgin for evrybody to understand wetin hin dey talk, Hin Dey among the People wey Make Pidgin English Popular for Naija infact me Mama pidgin thank am welu-welu

Fela Ogbonge Pidgin speeker

6.Because of the kine song wey fela dey sing the government no like am in 1977 soldier match go Fela Kalakutar republic Dey Burn Hin House And Kill Hin Mama.

Kalakuta Republic wey soldiers Burn

7. In 1978 Baba 70 surprise all of us ooo. Hin marry 27 wives on the same day all of them na hin singers

Fela with some of his 27 wives

8.In 1979 Fela Say hin go contest for president of Naija he com form hin own political party called Movement of the people (M.O.P)

Fela political party

9. In 1986  Fela Divorce all hin 27 wife the same day.

Fela and him wifes

10. Fela continue hin musical carrier with plenty albums
ikoyi prison
yellow fever Album
Sorrow Tears and Bloo

11.On August 2 1997 Baba 70 died for him Kalakuta republic Thousands of people within and outside Naija attended Baba 70 Funeral.

Baba 70 Funeral

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  1. This man is one of the great men I have seen and witness with much bold and confidence in his statement...fela appears like a leader to me