Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Nawaoo See Mr Okon The Fake Police Officer Arrested In Lagos

Ben Okon

Kasala burst Yesterday when police catch one Ben Okon who dey parade himself as a police officer, Okon was arrested along Iyana Ipaja area wearing  police uniform and intimidating commuter by the Special anti robbery squad of the Lagos State Police command. No be small thingoo..

This is how dey take catch Okon; Na one policewoman in the area first of all notice sey Okon no dey behave
proffesionally as a police officer at all oo, the woman com confront Okon and ask for his staff card. In response to the police woman demand Okon quickly throw the fake staff card wey dey for his hand into his mouth chew am and swallow the card. Immediately the policewoman see wetin okon do she quickly call her colleagues whom dem dey work together to com arrest Okon. they arrest am and carry am go police station and na for police station Okon confess seyheim no be real policeman oo he talk sey na for bear palour he take see the badge and rank wey hin dey wear.  make una read wetin the fake Policeman talk.

I was arrested by a policewoman. I am a security guard with a company. I live in Agege. I actually got my police rank in the beer palour around Iyana Ipaja area. A nylon bag fell from someone that fateful day in the beer palour, when I opened it, I discovered a police rank and badge inside and took it to my house. I am a member of the Man-O-War organization. It was my commander who gave me the uniform.”

Okon wey be a native of Uyo in Akwa-Ibom state tell newsmen sey he no have the intention of using the uniform to commit crime


  1. See hw e dey cry like small child.. d time wey e dey disturb people wit him fake uniform e no know...yeye man.

  2. I beg where uyo dey. For Imo state ? Pls uyo na d captal of. Akawa. Ibom. State correct it. Now pls.