Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dbanj Talk sey He Really Missed DonJazzy

In a recent Interview wey the Koko master Dbanj granted to journalist he talk sey e miss DonJazzy

Dbanj talk sey if e sey e no miss Donjazzy na lie e dey lie  make una see him full response

"If I say anywhere that I don’t miss him, then I’m lying, because I’ll be 10 years old on stage by next year, and I spent eight and a half of those 10 years with him. I’m just married to him in a way that I miss everything. I miss the family, I miss his movement, I miss his jokes and argument in the studio and I miss him a lot. We can always do music with Don Jazzy. Now the song Top of the World was produced by a Grammy award-winning producer, while the song Finally and Don’t Tell Me Nonsense was produced by my producer, and Oliver Twist was produced by Don Jazzy; so why won’t I want Don Jazzy on my 10th anniversary album?"

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