Monday, 7 October 2013

There are 55 billionaires in Africa and 20 of Them Are Nigerians ... Venture Capital magazine

Venture Capital magazine na ogbonge pan africa business magazine. the magazine don talk sey e don uncover a list of some billionaires wey dey for inside Africa wey  most other reporters no know sey dem dey for Africa oo the Magazine talk sey before-before dem dey report sey na just 16 Billionares dey for inside Africa but the magazine don discover through a special research which e carry out sey the total numbers of billionare wey dey for africa pass that number.
the magazine talk sey the number of Billionare wey hin discover for africa na 55 and of which 20 come from Naija 9 come from south africa and 8 come from Egypt. the magazine talk sey na trueu true sey Dangote na the richest person for Africa oo with an estimated worth of $20.2 Billion while Folorunsho Alakija na the richest woman wey dey for inside Naija.
however the magazine com talk sey upon the numbers of this rich billionaires oo majority of people still dey surfer and wallop in extreme poverty for inside Africa

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