Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nawaoo Blood Drinking Man Kill Daughter and Drank Her Blood

This one no be small thing oo

A  man for Paupau Guniea  whom dem dey call vampire don kill im own daughter after e bite the girl neck and drink her blood, the vampire man no even stop thereoo he also chop the flesh of im daughter.But report reaching mama pidgin confirm sey police for that contry don arrest the man.
Police called the grisly incident that occurred on Wednesday at a settlement near Lae “an act of cannibalism”.

eye witness wey dey for the scene talk sey the mother of the dead child carry the 3year old girl go greet her papa, and all of a sudden the papa grap the baby and run to a nearby bush where he suck the blood of him own pikin. Na three pikin wey dey on top three  see the man when e dey drink the blood of im pikin for inside bush.
“He  just dey laugh at the boys and continued eating the flesh and sucking the blood,

“The boys were scared and ran quickly to alert the people.”

When people arrived to investigate the man reportedly dumped the body in the bushes and ran away before being caught and turned over to police.

This one na end time thingsoooo.

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