Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Again Another Bus Driver In lagos Stripped Himself Naked To Avoid Arrest

E don turn to tradition now for Danfo drivers offenders in lagos wey not want security officials to arrest them to stripped them self naked. This one happened along Ikorodu axis in Palmgrove Maryland Lagos, The Danforth driver stripped himself naked and started to roll on the ground infront of his vehicle at first na excreta he first put for hand to distract the security officials from arresting him. Initialy that method work because all the officials ran away because of the odour wey dey come from the shit but one brave security official no run an insisted that the man must be arrested. But the man com see sey is excreta method no work again he com dey stripped himself naked. Thereafter he started to dey roll for ground infront of his bus. Eventually the security officials left him but the take note of his plate number and his bus. Lagos nawaooooo

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