Monday, 26 August 2013

You No go believe Am Ashewo Business (Prostitution) Don Become Legal For Switzerland Infact Dem Even Build Sex Box for Ashewos

Nothing we no go hear for this world, As from today 26 of August 2013 any Ashewo (prostitute) wey dey Switzerland must be registered to enjoy maximum protection and legal backing from Swiss government. Infact the governmemt Don construct sex boxes where customer fit go meet the ashewo any ashewo wey operate within this boxes go enjoy government protection, so no more one chance for road side again u fit just ennter any of the box and do as many round as u want provided u go fit pay. Meanwhile before any ashewo go fit enjoy this benefit hin must register with the government and show evidence of tax payment from the money received from the ashewo business. click bellow to see the sex boxes

sex box

sex box in use

depictions on the box

depictions on sex box

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  1. Na correct thing naa...make our govt encourage this type of self-reliance naa...make our babes dey fuck dey collect their moni.