Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nawaoo A Mother Won Marry Hin Own Son

A 40 year old mama Betty Nbereko from Zimbabwe Don surprise everybody when she talk say she dey carry six month bele  (pregnancy) for her own son and she don dey set to marry him. Betty a widow of 12 years wey talk for court say the love affair between her and are piking started 3 years ago. She even talk sey na her money she take send the boy go school wen him papa die and nobody dey there wen she dey suffer to send the boy go school, na now when the boy Don finish and don dey make money pipul con dey talk make she no marry hin pikin. She talk sey they both love dem self and nothing fit stop her from marrying him. The 23years old son Farai Nbereko also talk sey him ready gidigba to continue eating the apple wey him papa leave behind 12years agooo and him mama love dey very strong for him heart to the extent sey him no fit marry another personooo.

Wetin we no go see for this ogbonge world ...


  1. The women don old ooo. Who knows her might have bewitch the small boy.