Saturday, 24 August 2013

Kai even for obodo Eyinbo people Dey Wake up from Death?

Sharon Jackson 50 years old woman wey wake up 13 days after dealth
The first person wey we hear sey him wake up from dealth  three days after hin die Na Jesus Of Nazareth . But for the past two month alot of things Don shele and still Dey shele for this ogbonge world. Last month for Naija one man claim say him wake up from mortuary after dokita don certify ham say hin don die. Last week also for this Naija we hear the tori of pastor Ajanaku wey wake up from dealth and shouted thank you Jesus before hin come finally say bye-bye to this world, though we still dey try to comfirm wether na lie or true about wetin happen to the pastor.  But another tori of people waking up from dealth don happen again this time no be for naija but for obodo eyinbo. The woman whom dem dey call Sharolyn Samson, whom dey talk say she die and dey burry ham on August 3 don wake up againooo. the family of the woman talk say dey see d woman 13 days after dey bury an m we no  know weting dey shele wai dem dey send people back from heaven ooo....

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