Friday, 23 August 2013

Dis One No Be small Thingooo NDIC Talk say na Only 10 Bank Dey very Strong for Naija

NDIC bi Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation Na Dem dey pay money to people if  bank wey dem dey keep money with fit also talk say na dem dey insure naija bank, dem con talk sey out of the 20 Commercial bank wey dey naija na only 10 of dem dey srtong they sey the remaining 10 are satisfactory. we hope sey this satisfactory no mean sey na them no dey ok make naija people know wetin go happen to their money wey dey for the 10 satisfactory banks . Mama Pidgin even think sey NDIC go mention name of the 10 banks wey strong but they no mention any bank. wetin we know be sey if dem dey hide anything we go know one.

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