Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mysterious Spacecraft believed To Be Drone Crash landed In Ibadan

A spacecraft which residents believe to be a drone done crashland on the roof of a house in Ibadan.

The Drone which is an unmanned equipment  mostly used by the American military to spy into any country of their choice. On close examination of the object eyewitnesses said the number on the drone is an American plate number. Den don dey do espionage on Naija be dat ooo
According to eyewitnesses dey talk sey the strange spacecraft fell from orbit and crash landed on the roof of a prominent chief in Ibadan The Ashipa and crash landed inside his toilet making a very loud and unusual sound which make every body in the house to pick race...LOL who wan die.

According to the Adhipa he talk sey him son just commot from inside the toilet when the mysterious object crashlanded in their house and said at first they were all afraid because the thing wad making a very loud and unusual sound which they taught could explode and probably might be a bomb to attack them.
But after several trials by the object to fly away hitting its body on the wall of the toilet it finally flew and hanged close to their neighbors satellite before it makes it final notice and produced a very thick cloud of smoke.

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